A Generational Opportunity

Data-Driven Technology + Energy Transition represents the convergence of two megatrends.

The Global Energy Industry is (Definitively) at a Historic Inflection Point

While renewables represent a minority of generation today, cost and technology improvements are driving a permanent transition.

The Energy Transition Will Require Historic Supply Chain Investment

Annual spend in renewable power generation and infrastructure alone is projected to total over $1 trillion per year.

The Energy Industry Has Always Deployed Tech in Core Operations

While slow to adopt Cloud and SaaS due to control concerns, the industry has consistently leveraged tech, including hosting the world’s largest super-computers.

… and is Now Investing in Tech Holistically

A 2017 survey of energy execs revealed broad digital tech investment plans. (In 2019, the question is no longer if Cloud, but which Cloud.)

Emergence of a Digital Operating System for
Renewable Energy

Individual tech applications and platforms are converging, through both technological (APIs, SDKs) and corporate (IT/OT reorg) integrations.